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World Environment Day – “Caps for Help” Project


Plastic Bottle caps are often so small that it’s easy to overlook the impact they have on the environment. If you drop one on the ground at the park or the lake, you may think it’s not a big deal.

But Develop Armenia and many international NGOs found that “plastic bottle caps are one of the top 10 items found during marine debris beach clean-ups and are the second most littered item after cigarette butts.”

Recycling seems like a good option, but did you know that many cities don’t accept caps for recycling?
But, in Armenia we started since the end of 2018 a small but important initiative to collect the bottle caps and reuse them.
Many corporate, NGOs, clubs, schools and universities are in action and they are helping us to achieve our goal to collect the caps and buy a wheelchair to person in need; The good news that very soon we will deliver our first wheelchair.

Everyone in Armenia can make a difference in the life of someone in need…

As a Develop Armenia NGO, we try to recycle as much of the waste we collect as possible.
Yes, it’s because everyone has a social responsibility to do their bit for the environment, starting with how they dispose of their rubbish.
It’s time to be motivated with us, collect the plastic bottles, call us and let’s work together for green, environmental and social goals.

Plastic dilemma – Dangerous future:
The global volume of plastic waste continues to grow, and some of the biggest producers don’t manage their waste effectively.
There are a number of things that governments can do — from running public awareness campaigns, to offering incentives for recycling, to introducing levies or even banning certain products outright.
In the last decade, dozens of national and local governments around the world have adopted policies to reduce the use of disposable plastic. And the number continues to grow.

In Armenia, many efforts were done but we need more cooperation, awareness, support to achieve the environmental objective; NGOs initiatives should meet the governments efforts for the best and fruitful output.
We continue to encourage Armenians to make a pledge, host activities, and educate and empower others to reduce plastic waste in order to successfully beat plastic pollution. We want individuals, government and organisations to get involved and make a difference to our environment. Pledges can be small or mighty – everyone can do it and it all helps!
Make an effort, start collecting today – Just Call us on +374 55 362981

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