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Reducing Plastic Pollution in Armenia: “Caps for Help”

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Develop Armenia is moving forward to tackle one of the biggest problems nowadays – the plastic pollution. Check our initiative for collecting and recycling bottle caps for the sake of the environment and the support people with disabilities in Armenia.

Today, one of the biggest enemies of the world is the plastic pollution. One million plastic bottles are produced per minute around the world right now and according to National Geographic’s statistics, 90% of all plastic is not able to be recycled. The solution of the problem was figured out by our NGO  whom one of the mission is by making small steps to motivate people to collect the bottle caps and recycle the unwanted plastic then to save someone’s life and to give back and support fellow people with disabilities.

Unfortunately, Armenians do not have the extra habit to recycle… which is sad, because they hold the solution of the problem in their hands every single day – the plastic bottles and especially their caps. The reason why Develop Armenia focus on caps was that the material which the caps are made from is the best recyclable part of the whole bottle. The bottle and the caps are made from different plastic compounds and this is the reason why they cannot be recycled together.  It is proven that the small size of the bottle caps gives better results, because, firstly, it’s easier to collect and transport one or ten caps in your pocket than one or ten bottles. Secondly, the density of the caps themselves is bigger than the density of the bottles which means that the plastic recycle machines have more material to process and finally the plastic caps are more dangerous than the bottles regarding the pollution crisis.

“Caps for Help” is one of the most fast spreading campaigns among Armenia and up to now a remarkable tons of plastics caps were collected and already the organization delivered 2 wheelchairs in the country.  The campaign takes place continually and our big day of 2020 will be on the occasion of Earth Hour Day on Saturday, 28th of March when we are planning to collect a huge numbers of caps from all Armenian regions and Marzes; note that citizens that cannot be able to keep the bottle caps at home till the D-Day can easily deliver them to one of our station in Yerevan.

For now, the campaign is very popular among children and students. From the beginning of “Caps for Help”, schools, kindergartens, clubs, universities and corporates collect bottle caps every day. This way, students and employees are taught about the importance of recycling. Furthermore, at the same time, they are motivated to help persons with disabilities.

“Caps for Help”comes off uniting one nation for one good cause. The campaign “kills two birds with one stone” because Armenians start to recycle more and cut back on the plastic pollution, and at the same time, many lives are saved. In conclusion, one campaign can do a lot without lots of money, but with the help of the volunteers. And we can help not only the people with disabilities but the life of the whole planet; “If each one us take a small initiative and make a small change, together we can save this world from big environmental disaster”.

Be ready for the big day: Saturday 28th of March 2020 – Collect the caps starting today!

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