Time to Build a Coalition for a Good Governance in Extractive Industries

Bil 3ared

Develop Armenia took the initiative to organize on 18th of July 2019 a round table to discuss about options to build a coalition for a good governance and transparency in the extractive industries in Armenia; the meeting was successful and after EITI Multi-stakeholder Group election in October, we continued our communication and coordination with different NGOs, Experts and community to build a coalition to promote and advocate the good governance and transparency in mining sector in Armenia.

Transparency is an important principal to ensure that citizens of resource-rich countries benefit from the minerals in their soil.
It provides a tool platform to fight against corruption and leads to better and more responsible management of natural resources.
A strong coalition in Armenia is the key to implement good governance of the mining sector.


The coalition will support the effective implementation of the EITI initiative in Armenia, working to mineral governance open, accountable, sustainable, equitable and responsive to all people women and men in resource rich communities like Armenia also working to ensure that revenues from mining help improve people’s lives. Meantime, the coalition should play keen role in influencing the legislative and policy framework governing extractives by making use of evidence based advocacy efforts.


Building a strong coalition is a must and the announcement will be very soon.
Time to take action and work together for a better Armenia!

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