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Great news from Artsakh – Successful Pomegranate Orchard

Tufenkian Foundation reported this week that their Pomegranate Orchard projects in Artsakh made a significant and successful results. “Great news from #Artsakh! We finished this year’s 1st harvest in the pomegranate orchard in Arajamugh, a border village we started building in 2004. Back then, there was nothing here – no homes, no people, not aContinue reading “Great news from Artsakh – Successful Pomegranate Orchard”


Armenian Start-up Lumzag: “Smart” Bag Ensures Safety of Belongings

Lumzag is a fashionable smart bag that lets you feel at ease about the security of your belongings. Though the smart bag market is quite large, Lumzag is the first to combine various innovative functions. The bag has its own online application. After downloading it, it sends all the required notifications to the user’s phoneContinue reading “Armenian Start-up Lumzag: “Smart” Bag Ensures Safety of Belongings”

Grape Blessing Day & Wine Making Development

Feast of The Assumption of the St. Mary Among the most beloved ceremonies in the Armenian Traditional Feasts, is the ceremony of Grape Blessing, which is held on Sunday usually following or proceeding August 15. The occasion on which we celebrate the blessing of grapes is a major feast day called “Assumption of the St.Continue reading “Grape Blessing Day & Wine Making Development”