Time to Build a Coalition for a Good Governance in Extractive Industries

Develop Armenia took the initiative to organize on 18th of July 2019 a round table to discuss about options to build a coalition for a good governance and transparency in the extractive industries in Armenia; the meeting was successful and after EITI Multi-stakeholder Group election in October, we continued our communication and coordination with differentContinue reading “Time to Build a Coalition for a Good Governance in Extractive Industries”

Armenia: Winner of the 2019 EITI Chair Awards – EITI Paris Conference

The EITI Chair’s Awards recognize countries that have shown leadership, determination and resourcefulness in implementing the EITI. Chair of the EITI, Fredrik Reinfeldt, announced the winners of the 2019 EITI Chair’s Award at the opening session of the EITI Global Conference in Paris on 18 June. The three winners in 2019 were: Armenia, Colombia andContinue reading “Armenia: Winner of the 2019 EITI Chair Awards – EITI Paris Conference”

After EITI – Paris 2019, Time to Move Forward!

“Worldwide, trust in government is under strain. A perceived lack of progress in tackling corruption, tax evasion and illicit financial flows are contributing to the rise of populism and economic nationalism. The impact of the oil, gas and mining industries is often a focal point of public concern and potential source of conflict. As aContinue reading “After EITI – Paris 2019, Time to Move Forward!”

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