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What we learned about the mining sector’s priorities for business integrity in times of crisis

COVID-19 and government economic recovery policies create business integrity risks for mining companies.   There are several key areas that companies and investors need to pay close attention to.   Business integrity, transparency and anti-corruption are integral parts of ESG performance and affect social licence to operate.


World Wildlife Day – In Armenia

March, 3: World Wildlife Day World Wildlife Day, which is celebrated annually on March 3, is dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness about the world’s wild fauna and flora, and to recognizing the important role played by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of World Fauna and Flora) in protecting wildlife forContinue reading “World Wildlife Day – In Armenia”

Armenia: Winner of the 2019 EITI Chair Awards – EITI Paris Conference

The EITI Chair’s Awards recognize countries that have shown leadership, determination and resourcefulness in implementing the EITI. Chair of the EITI, Fredrik Reinfeldt, announced the winners of the 2019 EITI Chair’s Award at the opening session of the EITI Global Conference in Paris on 18 June. The three winners in 2019 were: Armenia, Colombia andContinue reading “Armenia: Winner of the 2019 EITI Chair Awards – EITI Paris Conference”

After EITI – Paris 2019, Time to Move Forward!

“Worldwide, trust in government is under strain. A perceived lack of progress in tackling corruption, tax evasion and illicit financial flows are contributing to the rise of populism and economic nationalism. The impact of the oil, gas and mining industries is often a focal point of public concern and potential source of conflict. As aContinue reading “After EITI – Paris 2019, Time to Move Forward!”